Blaze New Trails

A year ago, my family had the opportunity to attend the FPEA Homeschool convention in Orlando, FL.                                               While I have been a mom for almost 25 years, our homeschool adventure was Brand new. I was confident that this was the plan that God had for our family in this season of life, but still overwhelmed and CLUELESS of what to do and how to make it happen.
We went to the convention to learn all that we could, to glean from others, and hopefully come home ready to Run this race that had been set before us. 

I remember feeling excited and anxious when walking through the vendor exhibits. Everyone was so helpful and wanted to offer  the “perfect” program for my child… While it all was intriguing and so many great opportunities to learn, I still was consumed with not knowing what was Best for my 4th grader. 

Until… I had the opportunity to sit in a session with Holly Giles. She began to share her story and I began to cry when she said these words… “My child didn’t fit into a box”… and at that moment… it was as if the Lord spoke to my heart and I knew… Mine didn’t either!  

You see, while there are so many options of Amazing curriculum… it was in that moment that the pressure for me to do what works for someone else was lifted! 

After all, this was the very reason we decided to begin this Homeschool journey. 

Our youngest child learns best while working and doing hands on activities.  He is such a hard worker and loves Everything outdoors! Why in the world would I have thought it would be best to have in sitting in a desk all day while he daydreams about the great outdoors?? 

Homeschooling is not for everyone… but I am confident that in this season of life, it is Best for us! 

I am so grateful for Holly’s sweet words that day, and her continued encouragement! 

Holly has been gracious to share ideas from her own Homeschooling journey in a book called “Blaze New Trails”  and you can learn more about her and her book over at

There are so many great unit studies in this book. We are still working thru it, and so very thankful that she has made this available. 

I was not able to attend the convention this year, but I am so excited to show you some inTenTional designs that I was able to create for Holly. I loved working on these inTenTional designs for her and I’m so thankful for her opening my eyes to ways to Blaze New Trails in our homeschooling adventures! 

One thought on “Blaze New Trails

  1. Love your love for camp… blazing prairies especially. Thought first of y’all in our most recent outing while attending camping church in the Okeefenokee. Confident here our Lord has shown you the best choice. Keep on Camping


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